Craft: Quick and Easy Mickey Mouse Ears


If you’re looking for a simple craft idea, then take a look at this kid-friendly project. These mouse ears are perfect for hyping up a Disney trip or are great at filling in some time on a rainy day. So what’s the best part about this craft? The ears only take a few common crafting materials to make! Check out these easy steps to make your very own Mickey Mouse Headband.

#1 – Gather Materials

It’s definitely frustrating to start a project and then discover that you are missing some items mid-craft. These are the items you’ll need for this project:
• 1 piece of black cardstock or heavy-weight construction paper
• 2-4 Black pipe cleaners (depending on size of head)
• White glue
• 8-10 Paper clips, note clips, or clothes pins
• ¼ inch Hole Punch
• (optional) Stickers, crayons, or glitter to decorate the ears


#2 – Trace and Cut out Ears
Ok, it’s time to start! The template we used for this craft can be found HERE. If you don’t have access to a printer, then you can easily make your own template as well. Simply draw or trace the outline of a circular container in two corners of the template paper, then connect the circles with an arch along the bottom as seen below.



#3 – Fold the bottom band of the ears up and use a hole punch on each end
This is to create a pocket for your pipe cleaners to go through, which is important for stabilizing the ears on the band.


#4 – Twist together enough pipe cleaners to wrap around a head
My four and six year old both needed three pipe cleaners twisted together to make sure the strand was long enough. Just overlap two ends of the pipe cleaners a few inches and twist them together to form one long strand.


#5 – Poke the pipe cleaner band into the front holes of the mouse ears, center it, and glue it in place

This ensures the ears stay connected to the pipe cleaner headband and don’t flop backwards on the head.


Now fold down the flap and use some paper clips or other type of temporary clamps to hold the pipe cleaner in place until the glue dries.


While the glue is drying, you could always start decorating the other side of the mouse ears. Some staples along the bottom could also be used as an alternative to hold the pipe cleaner in place, provided you don’t mind the silver line of staples across the bottom. We’ve done that before when the kids did not want to wait the ten minutes for glue to dry and they were still happy with the end result.

#6 – Decorate the ears!

This is the part my kids love because they can personalize their ears however they like. Our preferred decoration is stickers, but glitter glue, crayons, and other items would work just as well.


#7 – Fit the headband to the head and twist the ties closed


Once you have the pipe cleaners twisted once for size, you can remove the mouse headbands to finish twisting the remaining length of the pipe cleaner around the band so that it is not dangling.


#8 – Have fun!


So there you have it. Some simple Mickey Mouse Headbands that are sure to put a smile on little faces!

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